Single Life Annuities:

The 10CC Single Life Annuity

What is the 10CC Single Life Annuity?
The 10CC single premium life annuity is a single life annuity that pays out for a period of 10 years. If you pass before the end of that term, the remaining amount is paid to your heirs or designated beneficiaries. This type of annuity is attractive to people who want to get every penny earned from their single life annuity.

Interest Earned on 10CC Single Life Annuities
As a single life annuity, your 10CC annuity will earn interest on either a variable rate or a fixed rate. If it is variable, it can earn more money than a fixed annuity if the market index goes up, but can also go down as well. To see which is best for you, we recommend seeking professional advice.

Here are some other common Single Life Annnuities:
5CC Single Life Annuity
15CC Single Life Annuity
20CC Single Life Annuity
The Refund Annuity

Immediate Payments on a 10CC Annuity
If you wish, you can set up any type of single life annuity to pay out immediately to start receiving funds now. However, if you want the annuity to grow in value, you can defer payments to a later date. Either arrangement can be good for you, so it is usually a good idea to get counseling from an experienced, independent financial advisor first.

Setting Up a 10CC Single Life Annuity?
If you are considering setting up a 10CC single premium life annuity, it is a good idea to get all the facts. By learning all you can you will be better able to make the truly best decision for your financial future. Please, take a moment and get a free consultation from our counselors before setting up your single life annuity.

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