Single Life Annuities:

The 15CC Single Life Annuity

What is a 15CC Single Life Annuity?
A 15CC single life annuity is a single life annuity that guarantees an income for a period of 15 years. Unlike the basic life annuity, if you die before the term is over, the remaining payments will be made to your designated beneficiary. The 15CC single premium life annuity is a fairly common annuity, and works well with many retirement plans.

Interest Options on the 15CC Single Life Annuity
With the 15CC single premium life annuity, you will have the option of earning interest on a fixed rate or on a variable basis. If you choose to set it up as a fixed annuity, growth will be stable and offer guaranteed earnings, while the interest rates on the variable annuity goes up and down based on a specific market index causing fluctuations in payments as well. To decide which is best for you, it might be best to get professional guidance.

Here are some other common Single Life Annuities:
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Payment Options on the 15CC Single Life Annuity
Whether you need your income to start now or later, either is possible with the 15CC single premium life annuity. If you choose to set it up as for immediate payments, you can start receiving income within 30 days. If you want to start receiving income at a later time, then simply elect for the deferred annuity. It is always a good idea to get advice from an independent retirement planner before making your final decisions, even if you already have a counselor.

Setting Up a 15CC Single Life Annuity?
The 15CC Single Life Annuity can be an integral part of your retirement and wealth planning. Because of the potential impact on your lifestyle after you retire, please take advantage of our free retirement and annuity counseling service. The advice is free, what you learn may be priceless.

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