The Fixed Deferred Annuity:

Stable Savings for Your Future

Basic Benefits of the Fixed Deferred Annuity
The fixed deferred annuity is a popular investment tool for people who want stability in their investment portfolio. Because it is a fixed annuity, the fixed deferred annuity grows at a steady rate, ensuring predictable growth in a safe money vehicle while guaranteeing a set amount available at retirement.

The Fixed Deferred Annuity and Taxes
Taxes on your fixed deferred annuity are, like the payments, deferred as well. If you make your deposits after taxes are taken from your earnings, only the interest gained will be taxable. Even then, you will not be liable for the taxes until you actually receive your payments. This makes the fixed deferred annuity a great tool for a well rounded investment portfolio.

Guaranteed Earnings of The Fixed Deferred Annuity
The fixed deferred annuity is extremely popular as an investment vehicle for the smart investor because it offers a guarantee on performance. This means that your principle can never be reduced, and you are also guaranteed a certain amount of growth.

Death Benefits of a Fixed Deferred Annuity
Unlike some other annuities, the balance of your fixed deferred annuity may be passed on to your heirs in the event of your death. This means that all your earnings are protected, and you may still provide a stable income stream to your family if you die. This aspect of the fixed deferred annuity gives peace of mind to many investors.

Managing a Fixed Deferred Annuity
If you are considering a fixed deferred annuity, you may be able to set it up and manage it yourself. This option is not for the novice, so it is best to seek sound financial advice before doing this. To make the best decision for your needs, use the free annuity counseling service we offer everyone. It will help you feel safer in knowing you've made the best decision regarding your fixed deferred annuity.

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