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IRA Annuities: The Best Rollover Option?
IRA annuities are basically qualified individual retirement accounts that are annuities. There are many different ways to set up your IRA annuity with fixed or variable interest, as well as different payment options as well. Most people consider the use of an IRA annuity as the best strategy for rolling over any existing IRA.

Control Over IRA Annuities
Many people feel they have no control over their IRA annuity. This is not necessarily true. As a matter of fact, you can make adjustments and changes to IRA annuities whenever you feel the need. You must, however, be cautious of taking actions which might incur penalties when changing IRA annuities or any other type of annuity.

What Makes An IRA Annuity "Qualified"?
The determination of qualified or non-qualified is made by some pretty elaborate IRS rules. Basically an IRA is qualified if it is purchased as a part of a recognized employee retirement plan, though there are other qualified plans. Because of the ever-changing laws governing tax deferral and tax exemptions on retirement plans, we highly recommend speaking with a qualified IRA annuities specialist.

Managing an IRA Annuity
Setting up or managing your own IRA annuity is a huge responsibility, and can affect your life forever. Before taking on this task, please get some advice from our IRA annuity specialists. The consultation is free and could make a tremendous difference in your lifestyle as your IRA annuity matures.

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