Period Certain Pension Annuities:

Protecting Your Personal Pension

Period Certain Pension Annuity: The Basics
A period certain pension annuity is designed to help a person plan for their own pension at retirement age. With this type of payment arrangement, your annuity would be paid out to only you as the annuitant, from the date of your retirement until either a date you designate or your death, whichever comes first.

Joint Annuity Payments

Single Life Annuity Payments

Getting Payments From Your Period Certain Pension Annuity
When you set up your period certain pension annuity, you will designate the dates for the payments to begin and end. At that time, you will also designate a beneficiary for the fund, in the event of your death. The certain period annuity is a great way to ensure you and your heirs receive the full value of your investments.

Tax Benefits of the Period Certain Pension Annuity
As with most annuities, if you make payments into your period certain pension annuity with after-tax dollars, the only taxes due will be for the interest earned. We cannot encourage you enough to remember that there are a lot of variables and frequent changes to the tax laws, so we highly recommend consulting an annuity specialist for the most accurate, up to date information.

Managing a Period Certain Pension Annuity
Your pension after retirement will be the main factor that determines the quality of your life. Although it is possible to set up and manage your period certain pension annuity yourself, it is not recommended for most people. To maximize your earning potential and minimize tax obligations, please get a free period certain pension annuity consultation today.

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