The Variable Life Annuity:

Providing Income for Life at Market Rates

Variable Life Annuities: The Basics
A variable life annuity is, like all annuities, a contract with an insurance company where they will pay you based on the value of any deposits you have made plus interest accrued. The main difference is that a variable life annuity pays you for as long as you live. Typically, there are no death benefits to a variable life annuity.

Variable Life Annuities as Rollover Tools
For some investors, rolling over an existing retirement fund into a variable life annuity may be a good option to explore. Doing this can protect the tax advantages of your IRA or 401k while gaining the opportunity for rapid growth of your retirement account. As always, it is best to get advice from qualified professional finance consultants for any decision affecting your financial well-being.

annuitiesprovidewealthinretirement.jpgIncome from Your Variable Life Annuity
At its inception, your variable life annuity will be arranged to pay you at a time you feel best for your needs. The actual checks you receive from your variable life annuity may change depending on the amount in your account, but checks from your variable life annuity will generally always end upon your death unless other arrangements are made.

Managing Your Equity Indexed Annuity
Unfortunately, equity indexed annuities can be very complex and difficult to understand. Managing your indexed annuity will entail keeping up with all the changes in tax laws and regulations as well as watching the various indexes to make sure your investment is safe and growing the way you want. Please take advantage of our free equity indexed annuity consultation. The advice is free, the value: priceless.

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