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Rolling Over a 401k

What is a 401k?
If you have a traditional 401k, it was set up by your employer with your earnings either before or after taxes were taken out. If it was done with after tax dollars, you will probably only be liable for taxes on the interest earned. If it was built by contributions of untaxed money, then you will be liable for taxes on the entire amount as of your payments. If you don't know which you have, please contact either your plan administrator or one of our 401k rollover counselors.

FamilyHappyAboutAnnuities.jpg401k Rollover Rules
The traditional 401k, like all investment tools, has rules regarding rolling over the funds to other investment vehicles. The IRS allows for a direct rollover of funds into another qualified retirement plan without penalty or obligation. If you are considering rolling over a 401k, you will probably have up to 60 days to get the money transferred into the new account. Please do not wait until the last minute for these arrangements. Contact one of our 401k rollover specialists for a free consultation.

The Basic 401k Rollover Strategy
Typically, the best strategy for rolling over a 401k is transfer the money into another tax-exempt account like the Roth IRA using a direct rollover. This will help preserve the tax benefits attached to your 401k. If your 401k has matured, many other variables come into play than we can discuss here, so I will remind you to consult a specialist in rollovers of 401k's. You can get a free consultation by simply using the form on this page or from our Free Consultations page.

The Timing of 401k Rollovers
Because of the 60 day window (mentioned above), you will be better served if you have your new account set up in advance of the time you need to rollover your savings. The direct rollover is the safest and best way to handle most rollovers. Please contact one of our 401k rollover specialists for a free rollover consultation.

Get Some Free 401k Rollover Advice
It can be expensive to get a financial strategist to help you plan the rollover of your 401k. If possible, seek guidance from a professional rollover specialist that will offer free consultations. Of course, we offer these free financial needs consultations and have many specialists in 401k rollovers ready to advise and assist you for free. Start by using the form above or contact a rollover counselor here and we'll be in touch right away.

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